Tell Westminster Council their plans for the Strand Aldwych area would make things worse on the Embankment.

Westminster Council is proposing to change Aldwych from a high-speed gyratory of up to five lanes to a two-way road and pedestrianise the Strand between its Aldwych junctions.

Reducing road space for motor vehicles would put even more pressure on the Embankment, a road of unique economic importance to East London, where congestion has increased significantly since one of four traffic lanes was replaced by a cycle superhighway.

But there’s a chance to limit the damage.

The City of London Corporation’s transport plans include provision for more cycling infrastructure, so congestion on the Embankment could be reduced by rerouting the cycle superhighway up into the City.

So, before Westminster Council implement their plans, tell them to call on the City of London to accommodate a rerouting of the East-West cycle superhighway.