Tell the City of London their transport strategy will make things worse on the Embankment.

The City’s pro-cycling stance should accommodate a rerouting of the Embankment superhighway to ease congestion on London’s arterial road.

Here’s whats being proposed:

Half the City’s streets will be closed to motor traffic.

Space on the City’s main roads will be reallocated to a new batch of cycle superhighways.

Speed limits will be reduced to 15 mph.

The wider repercussions of this plan have not been thought through. Making large parts of the City effectively impassable for motor vehicles will put even more pressure on the Embankment, a road of unique economic importance to East London.

But there’s a chance to limit the damage and turn the City of London’s transport plans into a positive for the Embankment, by rerouting the cycle lane up into the City.

Tell the City that if they want to build more cycle lanes, they have to work with TfL to address the congestion on the Embankment.