New campaign group calls for total vehicle BAN on the Embankment at weekends

A new campaign group called Open Embankment is calling for a complete ban on vehicles on the Embankment at weekends. This would of course spell complete chaos for drivers.

The A3211, which runs along the Victoria Embankment, is a vital east-west through route, relied upon by taxi drivers, freight vehicles and tradespeople trying to cross London. The loss of a lane on the eastbound route has already significantly increased journey times, which even TfL admits. Shutting it down completely at weekends would make a bad situation much worse.

It’s also completely unnecessary. Open Embankment say their aim for the Embankment to be “London’s best new public space for pedestrians and cyclists to breathe and explore”. But cyclists already have the advantage of the £47 million East-West Cycle superhighway, which is fully segregated along the Embankment (hence the loss of the eastbound traffic lane). Pedestrians wanting to get out of the central London melee have access to the picturesque Whitehall Gardens or Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Unblock the Embankment fully accepts that many parts of London need to make more provision for pedestrians and cyclists. But this clearly is not one of them. On your bike Open Embankment!

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