City of London’s new transport plans will make Embankment congestion even worse

By October 11, 2018London

The City of London Corporation has just unveiled its new draft transport strategy. And it’s bad news for Embankment road users.

Over the next few years the City plans to ban cars from half its roads, impose a 15 mph speed limit and build a 2-metre wide cycle superhighway all over the City.

This will put more pressure on roads around the City – including the Embankment – as traffic is displaced off City streets and forced to take alternative routes. It will mean worse congestion and more exposure to pollution from drivers struck in traffic.

And will put further strain on the bus network, with the boss of bus operator Go-Ahead London, warning that passenger numbers are falling because of delays caused by London’s endless traffic schemes. That means less revenue for TfL and ultimately fewer buses.

There has to be a sensible balance between the needs of all road users and the City’s plans do not strike that balance. Something’s got to give. We strongly urge the Corporation to reconsider their strategy.