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July 2019

New study finds that air pollution levels are lower in the City than along the Embankment

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Unblock the Embankment recently commissioned clean energy giant Ricardo to conduct a study to compare air pollution levels along two cycle routes in London.

The study found that “in general, increased NO2 concentrations were measured at junctions where road traffic is more likely to be slow moving or queuing.”

Furthermore, average NO2 concentrations over all monitoring exercises were 13% higher along the Embankment route than those measured on the alternative route through the City of London, and, average NO2 concentrations during a single AM or PM monitoring exercise were up to 65% higher on the Embankment route than on the alternative route through the City of London.

All the more reason for calling on the Mayor of London, TfL and the City of London to work together to reroute the East-West cycleway up through the City and Unblock the Embankment!

Read the full report below.