Unblock the Embankment

Pro-cycling. Anti-congestion.

About the Campaign

The Embankment is a uniquely important arterial road connecting East and Central London.

But lorries, vans, taxis and even emergency vehicles can’t get through, damaging London’s economy at a time of uncertainty.

The City of London’s new transport plans, whilst good for cyclists and welcomed by this campaign, will cause more congestion.

So, action must be taken to end daily gridlock on one of our most intensively-used roads, whilst continuing to protect cyclists.

That’s why we’re calling on the Mayor and TfL to work with the City of London and reroute the East-West cycleway up through the City.

Who We Are

We are a group of businesses and road users who rely on the Embankment for our jobs and livelihoods. This campaign is paid for by its members and we do not receive any outside financial support.

Our members currently are the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, Royal Jersey Laundry, Canary Wharf Group, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and the British Motorcycle Federation.

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